About Us

What is Small Dev Talk?

Welcome to Small Dev Talk where we talk with the developers of tomorrow on their upcoming projects.

Our focus of Small Dev Talk is simply to give the chance of having upcoming developers show off their projects in forms of interviews which include images and video and present it to our audience. 

You can also find us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+SteamPheed and YouTube.

Our Team:

Alexander Sullivan: (email: smalldevtalk@gmail.com)

Hello, my name is Alexander Sullivan, the founder and one of the writers of Small Dev Talk. I am currently a student of University of Toronto in Life Science with a very fond interest in the future of science, hoping to study genetics in the future. I started Small Dev Talk as a personal project with the collaboration of Neil Rampone in order to showcase the projects of upcoming developers and give them a chance to show our audience (that you who is reading this ^,^) what the future in gaming will soon bring us. Small Dev Talk soon expanded away from just games and into the indie community itself. With a fond interest in every project that is proposed to us, I plan helping as many indie developers as I can, whether they are developers, musicians, film makers, authors or artists, I wish to help all. My personal skills range from teaching/tutoring to webpage development/HTML to the mathematics and sciences of the academic world. If you wish to contact me or be featured on Small Dev Talk, I handle majority of interviews as well as I do Small Play’s.   I also handle web design, business and general inquiries of Small Dev Talk. Feel free to contact me or any other member of Small Dev Talk.

Neil Rampone: (email: neil.smalldevtalk@gmail.com)

Hey there! My name is Neil Rampone. I am a writer for and co-founder of Small Dev Talk. My personal hobbies include 3D Design, Photoshop drawing/design, basic animation and computer programming. I also have an exceptional interest in body art. My aspirations include either becoming a 3D Game Designer, or 3D Animator. I am attending Sheridan College for Art Fundamentals.

Ronald Chan: (email: ron.smalldevtalk@gmail.com)

Hi! My name is Ronald Chan. I am a new member of Small Dev Talk and will be on my way to being an active member. I am an avid enthusiast when it comes to the games industry and pay close attention to the shifting trends in the technology marketplace. I will be handling written reviews and announcements/posts on our social networks. I am attending Ryerson University for the International Economics and Finance Program.