This is the twisted love story of Aurora. Recently I got the chance to talk with Robert Kouba, the director, writer and producer of a new upcoming film called Aurora from Vantis Pictures. You can check it out here at and you can support the new indie film at their Kickstarter here

Small Dev Talk: What is Aurora?

Robert Kouba: Aurora is a sci-fi feature film to be shot this summer in Czech.

Small Dev Talk: What is the story in Aurora?

Robert Kouba: Aurora is about a young man waking up 60 years after a car accident only to find himself lost in a dystopic world run by machines.

Small Dev Talk: Where is Aurora taken place and what time period is it?

Robert Kouba: Aurora is set in 2080, 60 years after machines have taken over.


Small Dev Talk: What is the main character, Andrew, like and what inspired you to create this type of character?

Robert Kouba: Andrew is a young man who is just starting out with his life when he gets thrown into this horrendous situation and he transforms from a anti-hero to someone people can actually look up to. My inspiration was the fact that a lot people should be able to connect and relate to someone they see on screen, a lack of some films.

Small Dev Talk: What type of characters will we see in Aurora?

Robert Kouba: Many different kinds - 60 years have passed since the robots have taken over, the humans are almost extinct. The ones still alive have lost all faith and morals


Small Dev Talk: What are these creatures we see in Aurora trailer?

Robert Kouba: This wasn’t a trailer, this was a promotional video showing off my last works, the creatures where from my last film “The Rift”.

Small Dev Talk: How are you displaying or featuring the famous theory of supercomputers, Singularly? What makes it different from other movies that have done the same thing such as Terminator or I-Robot?

Robert Kouba:Aurora is different in many ways. Our story has been done before, yes. But our story has a lot of different twists and story strings that we’ve not yet seen on screen - And most importantly we have the emotional story between Andrew and Calia, the wrong love, the wrong hope. A movie for everyone.

Small Dev Talk: What inspired you to create Aurora?

Robert Kouba: I got inspired after reading the books by futurist Ray Kurzweil who believes in an actual Singularity in the next couple of decades. 

Small Dev Talk: What is your favourite aspect of Aurora?

Robert Kouba:My favorite aspect is the World I can create for the characters to live in - 60 years is a long time. I can tell many stories within one.

Small Dev Talk: What challenged did the actors and crew face in the filming of Aurora and how did you overcome it?

Robert Kouba: We haven’t filmed Aurora yet, we’re filming this summer!

Small Dev Talk: What is it like being a director, writer and producer of Aurora?

Robert Kouba:

Small Dev Talk: Do you have any advice to upcoming filmmakers?

Robert Kouba: Being an upcoming filmmakers myself I can just give the advice to never give up, don’t listen to no-sayers and just keep going. Eventually, you will succeed.

Small Dev Talk: How did you choose you actors? What were you and the team looking for?

Robert Kouba:When you write a screenplay, you already have a strong image of the characters. After a long pre-casting we found the perfect fit for my vision - Julian and Jeannine! 


Small Dev Talk When is the expected release date for Aurora?

Robert Kouba: We’re releasing in the summer of 2014, in theatres. However backers of the film are going to see the finished film already in the beginning of 2014!

Small Dev Talk: Do you have anything to say towards the readers?

Robert Kouba: I’m a passionate filmmaker, storyteller with a good heart and a strong vision. I believe in the power of an unusual and independent story which stays in people’s minds – and can impact on their lives - long after the final credits have rolled. These kinds of films reach the masses and, therefore, are the perfect platform to give people something to think about. That’s why I’m doing Aurora - Help us get it done!


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